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It is not the season or time of year. We are talking about the spring that helps your garage door open and close with ease. These tightly-wound pieces of steel are simple technology that go all the way back to the Roman Empire. The tension in these springs push and pull according to whether the door is being opened or closed. A natural counter-balance of physics, they are very helpful to a garage door system.

The Torsion Spring is tightly coiled and stores a lot of natural energy that helps a manual garage door open and close as well as take the demands off the automatic electric garage door openers. Greenwood Garage Door understands these metrics and mechanics.

What happens when a garage door spring fails? These items do wear out and break. If you need to replace garage door spring it will need the help of a certified professional like the ones employed by Greenwood garage Door in greenwood, Indiana. Our service team will show up and replace any component of your garage door system.


If the garage door spring simply needs a repair or greasing, this is a service that we provide. Repair garage door spring is a common need that is affordable and fast. Our van will show up and your neighbors will know you have the best in Greenwood, Indiana at your service.

If your torsion spring needs to be replaced altogether, this is also fast and affordable. In the zip code of 46142 there is no faster or more reliable torsion spring replacement than Greenwood Garage Door. Garage door spring repair has never been easier. We have a full inventory of parts and supplies. So there will be no waiting when the service comes to your garage door.

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